A common misconception that most business owners have is that working from a business centre would be quite expensive. The truth of the matter though, if you are looking for office space and would like something that is cost effective, these centres could be your best bet. What most people do not consider is the range of services and amenities that come with these offices. The majority of people will only factor in the rent that they will pay at a commercial office space without putting into account the additional costs of overheads, amenities and the like. Here are some of the reasons estate agents, such as Beercock Wiles & Wick, might recommend business centres to start-up companies.

A round the clock support team

When you opt to base your business at one of these centres, you are guaranteed professional call answering services as well as a receptionist to handle your visitors. Typically with a commercial office space, you would have to hire and possibly train staff to do this for you. This will not only cost you time when training them, but you would also have to pay their salary. Since this receptionist will be catering to all the business based at that centre, you only get to pay a fraction of the cost that you would have been paying if you had an in-house receptionist.

You are not paying for excessive space

With commercial real estate, you would have to find an office that comes with a reception area, possibly a kitchen, meeting rooms and so on and so forth. As such, you will be paying a lot more in rent due to the amount of space that your business needs. The same does not apply with business centres. Since there are different companies in the building, the most common practice is that you will share these rooms. Thus, it is not factored into the rent that you will be paying for the office space.

You get an office address as well as a telephone number immediately

With these types of office spaces, you do not have to worry about registering your address or applying for a telephone number. The moment you move into the new space you get a business address as well as a telephone number thus boosting the credibility of your company. Just as with traditional office spaces, you now get a chance to receive correspondence as well as stay in contact with your clients without having to go through the hassle of getting yourself a phone number.